Maths At Arwel

Teacher with more than 25 years experience

Maths tuition based in Newtown and delivered across central Powys

The Maths Tuition that I offer

I offer many different maths tuition service in Powys


I offer a range of maths tuition services for children in year 6 to year 11.  Click here to find out more

I also offer parent tuition to help them to support their children




Flexible support depending on time of academic year

Offer different ranges of Maths tuition depending on the phase of the school year


At different phases of the school year, I specific support depending on the students needs and their place in the syllabus.  This is also the link to click to see any offers that I occasionally promote

I also offer tuition for students during holiday periods



Services for schools

I offer maths tuition, supply teaching and intervention work

I can offer supply teaching support for schools in Powys and I have a real enthusiasm for maths intervention work.

My experience and local recognition will make me the right person for intervention work in your school