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Gluten free baking and maths tuition? 

I know a bit of an odd mix.  Let me explain…..

My gluten free destiny – Twenty-five years ago I started my career as a Secondary School Maths Teacher shortly after this, I met my ‘hunk’ Mark (he really isn’t and never has been a hunk).  Not long after we got married, Mark was diagnosed as a Coeliac requiring a gluten free diet.  

In the mid nineties finding gluten free food was very, very tricky, so I started baking food myself.  Here my passion for gluten free baking started as did my time as a Maths teacher in Llanfair Caereinion (Powys) High School.

Sorry if this story is dragging on but please bear with me, we’ll get there. An example of some of the gluten free cupcakes and gluten free baking that we offer At Arwel

Early ‘noughties’ we had our daughter Elizabeth.  When she was about two and a half, she too was diagnosed as a Coeliac requiring a strict gluten free diet.  In 2005, we had our son, Henry.  Whilst it is good news that he is not a Coeliac, it does mean that everything that we eat in the house must and is be at least as palatable as ‘normal’ food.  Elizabeth soon shared my passion for baking gluten free food and we started working together on projects in the kitchen. 

Back to Maths.  Teaching was all that I ever wanted to do from a very young age and I think that I do it well.  I love teaching and always will but the job has changed to an extent that I have less time to do what I think brings greatest value to our young people and that is ‘actually teaching’. 

A gluten free and bureaucracy free future –

Following a fairly recent ‘large C shaped’ illness I vowed to focus on my family and doing what I love and do best and so this is why offer maths tuition (where its only about teaching) and gluten free baking.  


So as I head towards the last few weeks as a teacher, you’ll be able to find me online selling gluten free baked goods and maths tuition, at a market or event near you and on the road in my brand new gluten free catering trailer (Fred).  If I can be of help to you please get in touch you can be sure that you will find me in a good mood, free to do what I love the most offering the same high standards that I did in my 25 five years teaching.

Best wishes,  

Nicola Barnes 

Gluten free mobile catering available for events around UK