Clean up Newtown

Newtown – Beauty or Beast?

Views from a walk in Newtown, Sunday morning 12th March

Clean up NewtownClean up NewtownOver the last few weeks I have been speaking to residents in Newtown, specifically in the area of Newtown Llanllwchaiarn West.

As well as the major issues that we are all concerned about nationally, the biggest concern, so far, is rubbish
and litter in the town specifically dog mess.

Alert – some of the images below are distasteful but essential as we consider does Newtown look like a Clean up NewtownClean up NewtownBeauty or a Beast?

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Newtown has so much to offer.

This is the reason why it is such a shame when its own community or custodians of the town let it down.

I don’t want my children to feel the need to move out of Newtown when they finish their education.

I don’t want local businesses to be ashamed to bring their clients and customers to the town.

Clean up NewtownClean up NewtownI don’t want tourists and visitors to be greeted with one of the pictures on the right when they should be focusing on those on the left.

AND I don’t want any regeneration or attempts at inward investment to be thwarted by poor first impressions that are largely avoidable.

Clean up NewtownClean up NewtownDog Mess

Totally avoidable.  We have a dog and we know that there are more than enough dog mess bins and general waste bins in Newtown to cope.

In my opinion not picking up dog mess demonstrates a total disregard for neighbours, Newtown and the rest of our community.

Clean up NewtownClean up NewtownIt also begs the questions, if this is how these people care for where they live how do they care for their dog?

Do the right thing for Newtown’s community.  If you see someone leaving dog Clean Up NewtownClean up Newtownmess and you feel safe to do so, direct the dog owner to one of the many, many more relevant destinations for dog mess.

If a dog mess bin is not available just ask them to take it home instead.

Only one thing worse than not picking up dog mess is putting it in a bag and leaving it on the ground or more imaginatively throwing it in a tree.Clean up Newtown

Shame dog mess deserters in the same way as people driving and using their mobile phone should be shamed.  As well as the fact that dog mess is not aesthetically pleasing it is a hazard to health especially children’s.

Clean Up Newtown
General litterClean up Newtown

Much like dog poo, litter it is totally avoidable.

Clean up newtownDropping rubbish is akin to ‘sticking two fingers-up’ at your neighbours and Newtown.  It is a demonstration of contempt for all those around the culprit and anyone dropping rubbish should feel nothing but shame.


Clean up NewtownA bit more tricky to allocate blame, but in Newtown this represents the most visual blight on our town.

There are places in Newtown where bags of rubbish are highly visible and often well in advance or after rubbish collection day.

I do have some sympathy for people who don’t have space to store much waste but I am also not a ‘Council basher’ either.  There isn’t the money around any longer for us to expect rubbish collections like we used to but we can’t just shrug our shoulders and leave the rubbish for all to see.  Not acceptable for the sake of our town our commerce or our community.


Dog mess and litter?  Easy, don’t do it!

If you feel the need to leave rubbish or dog mess.  You should be ashamed.

Bags of rubbish in the streets.  I’m reluctant to allocate blame but it can’t be left there.

Newtown, powysSome of the bags that we saw today were split due to animals tearing them to access food, which shouldn’t be in there in the first place.

So what do we do?  I’d love to hear from you please email your thoughts, opinions and ideas to

Please come for a photo shoot to show your support and highlight the issues above 18:00 23rd March at Milford Road entrance to Dolerw Park

Mark Barnes is firstly a husband, father and concerned resident of Newtown.  This increased concern for the town has led him to stand as Welsh Conservative County Council Candidate for Newtown Llanllwchaiarn West in the May 4th elections
Clean Up NewtownClean Up Newtown