Festive Fayre

Gluten Free Christmas Treats From Baking At Arwel

Gluten free Christmas Treats from Newtown in Powys
Our luxury gluten free Mini Christmas Hamper

Gluten Free Christmas Treats are the first commercial festive products that Baking At Arwel and Fred have created and we are really proud of the results.

We are so proud of what we have created that we will offer free and personal delivery (within 10 miles of Newtown) for every order over £20 or you can collect from Baking At Arwel in Newtown

Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings start from only £2.50 each depending on size; the quality is identical across all of our products.

We are offering a rather lovely Mini Hamper, mince pies, ‘not mince’ pies, Christmas Puddings, Yule Logs and Christmas Cakes.

All of our range is pictured below and by clicking on the images you can see much more detail and place an order.


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