Mobile Catering

Gluten Free Mobile Catering for all the  family from At Arwel

Gluten free mobile catering is some thing that, as a family we have always struggled to find at events, concerts and markets.Our gluten free mobile catering trailer - Fred

Occasionally, there will be someone who provides a cursory option but for Coeliacs and gluten free ‘avoiders’ there are very few options.

And, if there is purveyor of gluten free mobile catering in attendance, they are often offering gluten free food that non-avoiders don’t choose to have.  This means the family splits up and need to queue at two different mobile catering vans.

All of these views are offered with, as of 2017, nineteen years of living with at least one Coeliac in the family.

This is why we were determined to ensure that our gluten free mobile catering trailer, Fred, offered top quality food that all the family can enjoy.

Gluten free mobile catering with choice.

We offer hot and cold snacks, cakes and refreshments, some of which, that you just cannot get gluten free elsewhere.

Made fresh before your eyes, we offer – 

  • Doughnuts – made while you waitJust some of what we offering from our gluten free mobile catering trailer
  • Churros – fresh and with a choice of dips
  • Crepes – with choices of hot and cold fillings
  • Pancakes – choices of toppings
  • Toasted sandwiches

At events and markets we also offer, made fresh from our gluten free kitchen in Mid Wales, the following – 

  • Gluten free cupcakes
  • Cheese straws
  • Cookies
  • Shortbread
  • Millionaires shortbread
  • Flapjacks

All of the above all come with our At Arwel Guarantee – if you don’t believe that our food doesn’t have taste and texture, equal or superior than ‘non-gluten free’ food we’ll give you your money back.

Also served on Fred for your event or market are –

Our gluten free mobile catering trailer comes with the finest barista coffee

  • Barista coffee – including latte, americano, cappuccino, espresso. mocha and a range of syrups to offer customers choice
  • Choice of teas
  • Hot chocolate
  • Milk shakes
  • Cold drinks
  • Crisps and nuts

Our gluten free mobile catering trailer is available for any events or markets all around the UK.

We are based in Newtown, Mid Wales but will travel anywhere around the UK to come to your event or market.

If you would like us to come to to and event or market near you or indeed to your event or market please email or call Nicola on 07791 007407.

OK then, why did you call your gluten free mobile catering trailer Fred?

Funny you should ask.  Our business, At Arwel, is very much a family business and my family like nothing more than taking the mickey out of me.

So, when I said we need to make some more ‘gluten bree fred’ they not only got a lot of joy pointing and laughing at me but Fred was also born…..