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Living in Newtown Powys

Newtown Powys has so much to offer residents and visitors and with with so many ways to communicate remotely it makes a wonderful town in which to start a business.

Indeed Mark owns and runs a town and high street regeneration company called Revive & Thrive which supports town centres from HNewtown powysastings to Hexham.  And despite the fact that Mark, and his business partner, looks after their membership of Councils and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) all across the UK, the majority is this work is delivered from Newtown.

When Mark goes on his travels visiting clients he likes nothing better than getting off the train and walking back through town and enjoying the peace and relaxation that the town nurtures; especially when walking back across the Severn.

Newtown community and town centre

Every high street and town centre around the UK has faced challenges especially over the last decade.  Sadly, Newtown is not an exception.

It’s a real challenge for high street retailers to compete with online retail, supermarkets and out of town retail.  People forget the customer service and depth of knowledge offered by smaller business in towns as well as the ease to make returns and ask for advice.  So what can be done?

Newtown still has a strong sense of community and a lot of this is still enjoyed in the town centre as well as on various online forums.Living in Newtown Powys

This function of community in the area means that Newtown town centre still has the opportunity to be a place for people to gather.

Once people start coming together regularly in a centre for events or discussion or experience or education or health then new retailers will return and those existing will indeed be able to ‘revive and thrive’.

Living in Newtown Powys

As for day to day life in Newtown Powys.  What more can you ask for?  Newtown is a safe town to bring up children in nestled in beautiful countryside and hills to walk and explore in with the coast about an hour in one direction and larger towns and airports a short drive or train ride away.

Currently, I’m interested in a community led approach to addressing litter and dog mess and have set up a page to support this here.

These are our views.  What do you think please email your views, ideas and pictures to


Mark Barnes is firstly a husband, father and concerned resident of Newtown.  This increased concern for the town has led him to stand as Welsh Conservative County Council Candidate for Newtown Llanllwchaiarn West in the May 4th elections
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