Supply Maths Teacher, Powys

Maths At Arwel is offering a Supply Maths Teacher, Powys Based

Looking for a Supply Maths Teacher Powys based?  After 25 years of teaching Nicola Barnes has become a master of her own destiny by achieving an ambition to open her own business, At Arwel.

Whilst Nicola believes that being a teacher is no longer as rewarding as it once was, teaching children and imparting knowledge still is.  This is why she is happy to work as a Supply Maths Teacher Powys based.

Supply Maths Teacher Powys offered by Maths At ArwelWhy Maths At Arwel for Supply Maths Teaching?

Nicola is highly respected by parents and peers alike and has worked as a maths teacher in Llanfair Caereinion High School since 1999 and left Christmas 2017.
During that time her results have been consistently excellent and while she demands high standards from the children, she builds rapport and gains their respect.

Nicola comes with many testimonials, excellent references can be obtained from Llanfair Caereinion and she has a current DBS certificate.

Nicola has taught all secondary school ages, across all syllabuses and all the varied skill levels in her many years and is comfortable in all teaching environments.

Maths At Arwel also offers Adult Maths Tuition as well as tuition for learners seeking extra maths tuition support.

Availability as a Supply Maths Teacher Powys Based

Maths At Arwel’s preference is to offer Nicola as a supply Maths Teacher in Powys on shorter contracts and one off covers but will consider other scenarios.

Nicola can be available at short notice but due to the Baking At Arwel element of her business, pre-booking is preferred and recommended.

For more information or to book Nicola, call 01686 629505 or 07791 007407 or email

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