Huge thanks to all of the people who took the time to provide me with testimonials

At Arwel is very grateful for the maths tuition testimonials


Fantastic tutor! Nicola has been tutoring my daughter since September 2017, she has given her the skills and confidence to move from a low level D forecasted GCSE grade in Maths to a high B grade after a recent mock and now my daughter has been offered the opportunity to move to the Higher Paper all thanks to Nicola, I would highly recommend. – L Owen


Defo worth the money ladies.My daughter has gone up almost two grades since Nicola started to tutor her and has moved up maths sets and is doing really well – L Ashworth


Nicola is an excellent tutor. She is very patient and prepared work in advance for every session. Definitely recommended – C Evans


Highly recommended – has made a huge difference – S Jones